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Funeral loss messages

We have started with condolences messages for death colleague, but soon you'll find more funeral poems like bereavement verses for mother, sympathy sayings for loss of father, in memoriam verses child, ...

It is difficult to know what to write or how to express your thoughts and feelings when sending a sympathy card or condolence message.

We have created several appropriate and warm memorial verses to help you to write your own bereavement card. Feel free to combine poems and write what feels natural and comfortable to you. Remember always while writing funeral sayings to express your feelings from the heart. The family of your loved one will appreciate that you are acknowledging their grief and honoring their loss.

You send a condolence message to express sympathy to someone who has suffered the loss of a loved one. Because these funeral verses are sent to people who are still grieving, they can be hard to write. However, there are some guidelines to help you to bring comfort.

Death verses & grief poems

Send a memorial poem to a friend or colleague who has suffered a loss, regardless of whether you had a relationship with the deceased. You also can send one of our bereavement verses to the family of a deceased person with whom you had a relationship even if you don't know the family. Send your condolence message within the first few weeks after you learn of the death.

Avoid writing messages as "I know how you feel", because every person processes grief differently. Refrain from expressing religious sentiments unless you are certain such expressions are welcome. Do not write that the loss is a "blessing" or that the deceased is in a "better place", because his absence is still very painful to the family.

It is a good idea to include in your condolences message a few sentences sharing a memory of the deceased. Most people tell that sympathy cardsdeath poems, it brings warmth to the grieving hearts of the family members. Just be sure that your comfort verses will be appreciated.


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